Neeve O’Reilly RD
Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator

Neeve O'Reilly is a dedicated Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator on a mission to empower individuals managing diabetes to take control of their health through informed food choices. As someone who understands the challenges of diabetes management firsthand as a Type 1 diabetic, Neeve brings a unique perspective and empathy to her practice.

With a strong belief in the power of balanced nutrition, Neeve guides her clients towards health and wellness without compromising their favorite foods. Her approach focuses on finding practical ways to incorporate those foods into a diabetes-friendly diet that supports overall well-being.

Originally from Charleston, SC, she graduated from Florida International University and completed her dietetic internship in Houston. This solid foundation, combined with her own experiences, equips her with a deep understanding of nutritional science and its practical application in real-life situations. Beyond her professional achievements, Neeve's commitment to a healthier lifestyle extends to her hobbies. You'll often find her enjoying long walks with her dog, practicing culinary skills in the kitchen, capturing life's moments through the lens of her camera, or staying strong through weightlifting sessions at the gym.

Neeve is thrilled to be an integral part of the exceptional team at Houston Endocrinology Center, where she channels her passion for making a positive impact into the lives of those she serves.